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The company’s main sales brands are Intel, XILINX,TI, Micron Technology,NXP, BROADCOM, SAMSUNG, ADI, AMD, ST, RENESAS, MICROCHIP, MARVELL, MAXIM,TOSHIBA , And VICOR, a professional power module manufacturer.

Products include: central processing unit CPU; programmable logic devices (CPLD, FPGA); memory; digital-to-analog conversion devices; single-chip MCU; digital signal processor DSP; ARM core system-on-chip SOC processor; high-speed Ethernet; PCI bus; CAN Bus; T1E1J1 conversion chip, etc. It also provides VICOR high-tech power supply modules; RF radio frequency devices.

The company has established a stable business relationship with the original semiconductor factory, and is a special promoter of components from many well-known companies. The performance, quality and price of the products sold have obvious competitive advantages in the same industry; the company also has many other components Agents have established a close and friendly cooperative relationship. We continue to enhance our competitive advantage in the market, and while we are developing ourselves, we can better give back to our friends who support and care about us.

The company's products are widely used in communications, industrial control, power automation, aerospace, instrumentation, medical equipment, fire protection facilities, petroleum exploration, intelligent transportation, information security, etc. We have a good cooperative relationship with a considerable number of well-known domestic enterprises, universities, and national designated units, and are designated qualified suppliers.

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